Dal Bati recipe

Rajasthan Cooking has its unique flavor and the simplest ingredients for cooking most dishes. Rajasthani cooking is influenced by the lifestyle of its inhabitants and the availability of ingredients in this region.

Less availability of water and fresh green vegetables have had their impact on cooking in the desert areas instead of water the women prefer to use milk, buttermilk, and clarified butter, Dried powdered lentils and beans from indigenous plants are mainly used. Gram flour is a major ingredient and is used to make delicacies like Rajasthani Food ‘Khata’, ‘Ghatta ki sabzi’, and ‘Pakodi’. Bajra and corn, the staple grains, are used to make rotis, ‘Rabdi’, and ‘Khichdi’various chutneys are made from locally available spices like turmeric, coriander, mint, and garlic.

The best-known Rajasthani food is the combination of Dal-Bati and Churma. The chapati is a flat, unleavened bread that serves almost as a spoon, for it is used as a scoop to transfer food to the mouth. Puris are delicious, fried wheat bubbles which used as snacks, scoops for food, and as a complement to hot spices. Lassi made of natural yogurt is churned to remove the butter content for the making of Lassi or buttermilk a cooling summer beverage.

The sweet delicacies available all over Rajasthan also add the flavor of sweetness to Rajasthani food, each region is distinguished by its popular sweets like jodhpur and Jaisalmer are famous for their ‘laddoos’, Pushkar is famous for ‘Malpuas’, Bikaner for its ‘rasgullas’, Udaipur for its ‘Dil jani’, Jaipur for its ‘Mishri Mawa’ and ‘Ghevar’, Ajmer for its ‘sohan halwa’; and mouth-watering ‘jalebis’ can be found in all cities.