The idli and dosa certainly top the list of Quick Indian recipes. Exclusive retail outlets are opened up for varieties of dosa. Dosas include neer dosa, vegetable dosa, palak dosa, mung dal dosa, and methi carrot sprinkled dosa. The dimension of the dosa spans up to paper spreads measuring almost 5 feet. An easy trick for a quick snack in dosa is to mix equal quantities of rava and rice flour. Idlis have varied interests in Kanchipuram idli, pepper idli, peas idli, dry fruit idli, spinach idli, Lacha idli, and Tuvardal Idli. Apart from getting the ratio of the dal-rice correct and the fermentation process, idlis are easy steamed recipes. Preferred as a diet food and full of nutrition idlis can be decorated with the choicest garnishing for a delicious appeal.

A typical Sadhya (feast) in Kerala consists of food served on fresh plantain leaves. The vegetables and accompaniments have a certain code of placement on the leaf. A typical Sadhya is initially served with payasam as it is believed auspicious. The complete food is a five-course meal consisting of sambar rice, rasam, payasam, buttermilk, and a bowl of final curd rice. Deep-fried papads or Appalam are crispy treats. Pachdi or a tomato/cucumber raita is a must. Kalan and Olan serve as typical vegetables along with Kootu. The pickle or Oorgai is a yummy necessity. Another famous item is the Nerthankai varaval or banana wafers.

Coconut oil is the medium of cooking and coconut is a necessary garnishing or gravy inclusion.

Deserts are typical in coconut and milk mixes and condensed to create the best taste. Pal payasam is a normal condensed milk in which rice is boiled. Marks are full only when the color is pink. Mung dal payasam and badam kheer are special. The Kerala brown banana is boiled in jaggery which makes a wholesome snack. Nei appam is a soft item made in pure ghee and savored by all. Dosa stuffed in a coconut-jaggery mix becomes a sweet dish. The aapam is another sweet which is a rice powder with a steamed effort and easy to digest. Modakam or Koikatta is usually prepared as a coconut jaggery stuffing in rice flour. The shape is alluring and holds the interests of young and old. Bahadurshah and Mysore pak are famous all over the world.

Chutneys are important with coconut crushing and top garnishing in oil, kadipatta, and rai seeds. The inner parts of the pumpkin are also utilized to be mixed with a little coconut and red chilies to give company to dosa or idli. Sambar is famous all over the world and is the usual food in Southie homes. The rasam is an excellent cure for chills and fever. Jackfruit is a popular produce in the South and the vegetable is a specialty.

Most South Indian foods are boiled varieties; the trick lies in mixing the ingredients well. The Moru or buttermilk is essential to cool the body from the sultry weather. And, Mulagtanny is a famous soup world over. Sevai is the rice noodle compressed through special molds. The Chivdas or mixtures are typical in their taste. The food is generally light and appetizing.