Indian Recipes punjabi

Punjab is known as the land of five rivers, these five rivers have a deep influence on the lifestyle and culture of Punjab and its inhabitants.

There is something unique in this land that distinguishes it from the rest of India. The Punjabi cuisine is famous for its healthy, protein-enriched food. To retain the rich flavour, food is cooked on a slow fire.

Famous Punjabi breakfast consists of layered paranthas which are breads, stuffed with spiced, mashed potatoes or grated, spiced radish eaten with dahi and tarty mango pickle for pep and pungency. This is washed down with a glass of thick, creamy milk.

An exquisite country fare is Sarson-Ka-Sag buttered mustard greens, flavoured with aniseed and asafoetida eaten with Makki-Ki-Roti the crisp, fresh cornbread and washed down with enormous glasses of Lassi the thick, creamy buttermilk.

Another typical Punjabi meal is the universal favourite Chhole which is spicy stewed chickpeas, in green chillies and onions, and Bhaturas fully, leavended deep fried pieces of bread, and Dahi Baras lentil dumplings in creamy yoghurt.

Another favourite food of Punjab is the baingan-ka-bhartha which is made from eggplant smoked on fire and then cooked with hot spices and tomatoes,

The delicious Karhi is a combination of yoghurt whipped with chickpea flour and chickpea dumplings.

Punjabi tandoori cooking is celebrated as one of the most popular cuisines throughout the world. Huge earthen ovens are half buried in the ground and heated with a coal fire lit below it.

The protein-rich maah-ki-dal is made of pulses cooked with onions, tomatoes and red-eyed beans. Rice is popular and the traditional breads eaten are chapatis the flat, griddle bread, pooris puffed, whole wheat bread and Bhaturas puffed, white flour bread and naans large leaf-shaped tandoori bread.