Kammapodi Recipe

This is a type of chatney made up of mixture of dal. It contains toowar dal, urad dal and moong dal. It is a dry in nature. You can server it with some oil mixing in it and used with poori/chapatti/paratha.


Cumin seeds: – 1 tea spoon

Urad dal: – 50 gms

Moong dal : – 50 gms

Toowar dal: – 100 gms

Salt: – as per taste

Red chili : – 1 whole chili

Curry leaves: – 1 stanch

Method of preparation:

  1. Take a heavy pan. Heat it in a normal flame. Roast all the dals in it properly.
  2. Now keep the dals aside and in the same pan add the oil and then properly fry curry leaves cumin seeds and chilies in it.
  3. Add the above mixture into the roasted dals and the mix it properly.
  4. Take a mixer pot and grind all the material to make a powder or it.